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welcome to crebbers, your international business brokerage firm

On behalf of our associates, I would like to welcome you to our website.

Crebbers is founded with one single vision:

More options lead to better decisions.

We open your options to the whole world, especially Asian area where everything seems to be in short supply.

Contact us today to find out how we can work together.

Huiting Zhuang, CEO of Crebbers

We provide the following premium services:

merger §

Merger happens when two or more companies combine into one large company.

There are different mergers, such as horizontal merger, vertical merger, concentric mergers, conglomerate mergers, etc. We mainly work with Horizontal and vertical mergers.

Global sourcing has become crucial for a company to become successful.

A horizontal merger can happen when a company wants to outsource part of its operation to another country but is afraid of losing control.

Merger is a low cost way for one firm to strategically work with another firm. This might be crucial in some situations when it is hard to control quality or there is too much business secret to be shared with another firm.

acquisition §

Acquisition happens when one company (person) takes over the ownership of another company. Acquisition usually happens when a big company takes over a smaller company although the reverse might also happen.

Acquisition can happen between either public or private firms. We mainly focus on private firms.

We have experience working with firms in the following industry:

  • high tech
  • jewelry
  • restaurant
  • toys
  • scrap metal
  • retail
  • real estate investment
  • manufacturing
  • distribution, etc

We are open to listings from all industries. Contact us* today for a free consulting first.

*We are one of only a handful firms that can do business internationally between China and USA. Contact us using either Chinese or English.

consulting §

Unlike physical goods, a business is a commodity that is pretty wild to determine its value and quality. It is often a daunting risk to take for many business parties.

Due diligence is a step that cannot be omitted.

We not only offer due diligence services but also offer the following services:

  • domestic marketing and international marketing
  • Economic analysis
  • strategic consulting
  • accounting (via our affiliated CPA)
  • legal services--through our fortune 500 legal team.
  • public relations

All those services will prove to be crucial for a successful merger and acquisition to work well for all parties.

We can offer those services with an M & A contract or as a separate service.

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Crebbers LLC is currently not a licensed real estate brokers. We do not have plan to seek license in each states. Each associate is licensed through other Real Estate offices. If your business involves real estate, we will have to sign two different contracts. That is pretty typical for similar transactions across the country anyway. We recognize the fact that there is no universial federal level Real Estate license and our Crebbers are from multiple states.

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